The original fenders are not well thought out on this truck and if I had to do it all over again I would just rebuild them out of bent tubing and some aluminum. On my truck, as well as many others, there is a bend in the fender where it’s binding. If you disconnect the fender from the truck on the almost vertical portion, the bend disappears. As in the photo below.


Top Left: The fender buckles at the top / Top Right: All bolts are removed except for the vertical ones into the cab.

I proceeded to create a diamond plate bracket that would push the fender out 1.25″ where it wanted to sit naturally. I actually did this 2x’s till I got the desired outcome. Then I created a bracket under the top of the fender to make it more rigid as a step… this also pushes on the bend a little to help it regain it’s natural form. then I took everything apart and raptorlined the brackets.

Finally, after powdercoat, I added an amber blinker where the reflector used to be and tied it into the existing blinker.

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