Getting Plated (Again)

Another LMTV owner clued me into DirtLegal.com and I am currently going through the process of getting new plates for my beige baby. I wanted to take you through the costs and paperwork that I had to go through just in case you are a Colorado resident going through the same thing… Or a resident of another state with the same wonderful laws.

They give you the option of registering in Vermont or Utah. Vermont was cheaper by $200, so I went that route. If you have not paid sales tax over 6% you might need to pay more. I had to send my title and some additional paperwork over and they kept me in the loop every step of the way.

$597.00 Vermont Registration
$345.00 for 8 tons

$942.00 Total

This seems expensive, well this is expensive… but lets consider a few things.
– It’s now registered as a truck so I can park it wherever the hell I want to (this has been a problem in the past).
– I don’t have to do Emissions, $107.00 a year savings. Which was also difficult to find somebody to do it, so there is a lot of time and energy involved.
– No inspection and the cost required.
– I pay the tags yearly and they are delivered to my door using my Colorado address.

So, overall, if I keep the truck for an extended period of time I come out ahead… If I keep the truck for an extended period of time. At the end of the day, this is really about cost vs. convenience.


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