Yeah, it’s a little devastating but I’m looking forward to a new project. Let me tell you why I sold it if you weren’t aware of my struggles.

  1. The State of Colorado didn’t want me to drive it on the street… But there is always a loophole and through Dirt Legal I eventually got it tagged. This was more of an expensive annoyance than anything else,
  2. Jefferson County is a “self moderated” area. So as soon as one of neighbors had the opportunity to call about my vehicle they did. Apparently I’m not allowed to post a GWV in my drive.
  3. Placing something you put so much work into in an RV lot was unnerving. I kept waiting for the day that I drove up to a broken window or freshly tagged truck.
  4. The RV lot took away my power… sighting overuse by the tenants.
  5. Driving back and forth to an RV lot with tools was a PITA and if I forgot a tool it would take an hour out of my day… Pack everything up, drive, grab tool, drive, unpack.
  6. Three years and a barely finished the cab, another five and I might finish the whole truck… Because it was parked in the elements I’d probably have to start over. The dry climate and sun take a toll on bushings, tires, rubber and plastic parts.

All this being said, I’m on the lookout for a new truck/van that I can park in my driveway and piss off the neighbors legally. The considerations are a Unimog, Fuso, Sprinter Van or an Ambulance. These are in the finals because of 4×4 capability. This site will have a new button for whatever the next project will be and the LMTV content will stay.

There are a lot of great builders out there that have incredible shops and if they are ok with it I’d like to continue to grow the LMTV section of the site using their videos… Contact me if you are one of these folks. I’ll also continue to post a few things that have been in the queue.




  1. People are the problem!!!
    My rig sits out in the elements as well. Without a garage progress is so slow. At least out in country nobody complains.
    I hope you find another option quickly.


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