Brand Development

Small sampling of brands created by Built Mfg.


We were approached  to create a brand to speak to a younger demographic without alienating their current roster of clients. Built Mfg. developed a mark that could exist without typography and created an suite of illustrations to make the brand more than just a mark. In addition to the brand we created apparel and a website.



In the production of Bison meat there is typically meat that edible but discarded. This is where High Plains Bison created a series of sausages and meals that use these frequently unused items. We created a brand that used the aesthetic of cave drawings, speaking to a time when every part of the bison was used. We created the initial brand, color palette, typography and guidelines.



Built Mfg. was formerly Honest Bros. and above anything we enjoyed branding. This wasn’t limited to our clients. We regularly created everything from Christmas gifts to leave behinds to show that branding is more than a logo… It’s the way you exist in the hearts and minds of others.