Tire Assembly

When I decided to remove the first wheel from Oscar I didn’t really know what I was doing… Now that I just finished my fifth I thought I would post how to take apart and assemble the wheel with some pretty basic tools.

What you’ll need:
– 3/4 block of wood to use as shims, 8 would be ideal
– Bead Breaker of some sort, this is the one from the video above.
Tire Compound
Tire Compound Brush
– Replacement O-rings (1 for the wheel bead and 1 for the stem)
– Socket set / Torque Wrench / Breaker Bar
– Pry Bar
– Pneumatic Driver / Compressor will speed things along

I would plan a half day to pull apart and re-assemble one of these. You can also find additional info in section 12-2 of the Tech Manual.

– $300 Sandblast and Powder-coat rim and nuts
– $250 new tire
– $200 CTIS Valve
– $15-20 large O-ring for beadlock
– $2-5 O-ring for valve stem

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