Do yourself a favor, just scrap the fenders and build new ones if you have the means. Bend some tube and grab a sheet of diamond plate and make it happen. I’ve invested far too much money in mine, so don’t do what I’m doing.

Here’s the issue, they are not built to fit… well not correctly. The fenders have a weird bend in them because they are binding when correctly attached. You can see in the image below the right side is not connected to the portion of the fender that is descending. The left side is pushed in and bolted, you can see there is a crease in the fender.


So I have a few solutions, both of which I am pursuing at this time. One is to build a sheet of diamond plate to wrap the bottom edge of the fender and give me a new place to attach the fender. This pushes the bottom of the fender 1 3/4’s out away from the original attachment point on the truck getting rid of the bind. You can see roughly what I have done here. I used this because it matches the step next to get into the cab and provides rigidity.


The second portion of the build is the upper portion of the fender where the crease is currently. I’m removing the current steel pieces across the top and adding a bent piece of steel that no only replaces the supports but is form fitted to the fender itself.

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