Air Dryer

I didn’t have a real reason for updating the air dryer, other than I wanted to. Some of my decisions don’t have a lot of rational. I am sure there are some impressive numbers to warrant this purchase, but I don’t have them or care. I bought an new air dryer because I thought, “this is sleek and new!”… so now I needed to put it on.

You’ll need three parts todo the swap as well as some 17mm ratchets

Here is a thorough installation by a Steel soldiers member. But you can see below there are three hook-ups and two of the three hook up with the existing hoses. The only piece you need to update is the elbow with the reducer above. If you are going to keep the mount that holds the frame to the beam above it (you can see the six holes where the part is removed in the images at the top) you will want to cut the universal mounting bracket.



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