Pick Your Seat

So I’ve been looking at seats for months and… I still haven’t decided. The air ride cab isn’t bad so I feel as though I don’t really need to invest in air-ride seats. I am looking for something under $800, so this isn’t a list of high-end Recaro’s. Here are a couple different scenarios that I have been contemplating.

  1. Air ride seats for both the passenger and driver and buy a regular seat for the middle. The problem with this is that there needs to be a seat offered in the same style that doesn’t have air-ride. Additionally, this makes me worry about the height of the steering wheel.
  2. Regular seats (being non suspension) that all can be placed in the three different locations. This is starting to be the front runner, since it’s the least complicated.
  3. Regular seats and outfit the passenger and driver with a low profile aftermarket air-ride system.

Now there is a whole other level of evaluation when it comes to arm-rests, head rests, lumbar, electric adjustment, heating or even custom materials. Below I have a few that I have been looking at and haven’t landed on one because I really want something that feels like it’s “factory” and most of these have all the controls on the outside of the driver’s seat… therefore, on the passenger side some of the controls might be pinned against the engine well. This means most seats for big rigs are out and what’s left is stuff made for passenger cars and trucks.

Mind you these seats need to be exceptionally narrow (roughly +/- 18″) to fit in the cab without rubbing the engine well.

Corbeau GTS II

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 5.02.20 PM

This is probably my current front-runner starting at $760 for a pair. It’s 20 inches wide so it might need a bit of a base to clear the engine well. Not a ton of bells and whistles but you can throw a seat heater into them for about $150 more. If you were into getting some suspension on it you can use a low profile set-up. To add another little twist, and save some money, Corbeau also makes a 36″ wide bench seat that could work as the center seat but you roughly have 34″ from edge to edge of the well if you include the brackets. This might impede the front seats from leaning back or moving back.

Bostrom LTSS Seat

I’ve looked at this seat fairly extensively, I really like that it has a low profile adjustable suspension seat which provides 2 or 3 inches of travel. It’s also made for a specific trucks, medium duty trucks, therefore it might need some love to figure out how the brackets on the bottom might work. It’s also no frills (i.e. armrest or adjustable headrest) but runs about $700 each.

Economy High Back (fake) Leather Truck Seat


No frills and inexpensive but pushing the limits on width. Due to the nature of the engine well the higher you place the seat the more width you can get out of the chair itself. But once again you will have limited room under the steering wheel for your legs. Here are the specs if you’re interested.

Prime Seating

Prime carries a lot of different seats I picked out the TCN300TL just for price comparison. They increase in SKU number and price based on the number of options you want. There is a legitimate concern about the amount of vertical space as well as where the controls end up on the passenger side. This wouldn’t typically make the cut but Overland Adventure Truck did make the 400TL’s work in his truck with a little bit of modification.

Bestop Trailmax II Pro Recliner Seat 


I really like these seats, it’s a local company and the price is right ($350). Although, outside of a headrest I am not seeing any additions to be made to these seats. I also don’t know if jeep seats are too wide for the narrow fitment of the LMTV. Four Wheel Parts carries these so if you hate them (or they don’t fit) and want to return them you might have to pay a restocking fee, but you won’t have to deal with trying to ship them back. Just FYI, there is a black vinyl version of this that looks like it might work with the Corbeau 36″ bench seat as well.

Deeper Dive

Here are some other companies if you really want to dive into further research. Pricing varies but typically the Jeep stuff is cheaper than the big-rig seating.

Rugged Ridge


Seats Inc.

I’ll add more as I find them or as people send them on, comment below.



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