So You Want an LMTV

I‘ve mentioned in the past how I got my truck, but if I found one of the many refurbished/custom LMTV shops out there I might have done something a little different. More than likely I would have bought a rig that had all of the wearable parts replaced and a paint job…. one ready for a box on the back. It certainly adds to piece of mind. Below are a few of the shops out there right now with different levels of customization.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 2.29.25 PM

MME is all military all the time, from LMTV’s to HMMW. Some are straight off Gov Planet and they allow you to buy one of these vehicles as a base and then make any necessary upgrades. There are some already repainted / refurbished 4×4 and 6×6 FMTV vehicles as well if you can’t make up your mind.

The stateside company offers a few different ways to upgrade and buy. I personally like the upfront pricing and financing options. You can get one stripped or equipped the way you want it.


A Step up from FMTV sales is Acela, they also happen to be the parent company of “FMTV Sales” (above). If you’re looking for a frame-up restoration or a “like-new” LMTV they are the place for you. They offer the Acela Monterra in both the 4×4 and 6×6 trucks. I couldn’t afford one of these trucks but perhaps you can.


If there were a mom and pop shop of LMTV’s that would be Grigsby Truck Company out of Bend Oregon. Run by a husband & wife couple, who are both outdoor enthusiasts with military backgrounds.  Their main focus is on parts but they do occasionally have refurbished trucks for sale.


This is a European company that uses the Steyr M1218 which is an Austrian truck that the LMTV is based on. They fully customize these vehicles and although I have never seen one in person… the rigs look phenomenal… specialty interiors, tool boxes, and accessories that just make me want to mail them my wallet.

Do you know of more LMTV sales companies, please link them in the comments below!



  1. Just watched your LMTV build videos
    On YouTube.. for the record, I think the content and editing is excellent. Too bad you (like most people) can’t allocate time some more videos! I’d be interested to see all the work that you had to do on your rig to get it right and also the custom work. I have a few military rigs and really want to add a Stewart and Stevenson to the mix..wasn’t particularly interested in them
    When I was enamored with the M925 but I’ve watched all the YouTube I can find on the LMTV and..it’s gotta Happen! So I figured I’d drop a message! Currently messing with my M925A1 & M1045A2.


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