Hittin’ Switches

There are two levels of upgrades that you have to be cognizant of when putting things together for any overland build, protection and accessories. I found myself needing to move some things around already as you might have read in Light Rewire, but now I need to add some additional switches and safety items to the bank of switches on top of the AC unit.

I’ve been pretty honest about my level of knowledge on this blog and this is another one of those things that I knew I needed was an EGT gauge (Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge)… even though I didn’t entirely understand why at the time. The EGT as well as a boost gauge are programable to alert you when your engine is past safe limits. I purchased this set from Those Military Guys, only after asking if it would work with my 3126 engine. The kit comes with 4 switches as well as the gauges on a mountable metal frame (which I wouldn’t use).

The switch housing on the AC system already had a few switches for the PTO and winch. The rest of the panel had blanks in it or were missing the blanks. I wanted the EGT and Boost Gauge to fit in this as well as some other miscellaneous stuff (i.e. dome lights, usb charger etc.). So I rearranged the panel to be cut out of some light gauge steel similar to what was already on there. I actually had this cut a number of times, I went 1/8th inch because that’s what the switches needed to grab… but it was far too flimsy. I eventually had them cut two pieces of 1/8th inch and glue them together. One was more narrow than the other so the switches would clip in still, the pdf below illustrates the solve.

Here is the file if you wish to do something similar…


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