Light Rewire

The current light situation in the vehicle is a little cumbersome and the frequency of me forgetting to turn on my brake lights (which are connected to everything) was far too often. This will illustrate exactly how to rewire the dash switch mechanism so that you can flip one switch and your markers, headlights, dash, tail lights and brake lights will all work.


When the light switch is pulled you’re looking at the plug above. I used the switch that used to be the rotating hazard light on the top of the vehicle (it currently resides next to the ignition switch). When you pull this switch there are two out of three wires that go into the back of it that complete a circuit (you can see they are together at the top of the pigtail), be sure to butt them to one-another after removing the pigtail. This pigtail has three wires one you will connect 12v Power to (F) and the other two will have two/three additional wires going to them.

Here is what you need to do to make this happen:
– Connect K and C together (or your brake lights won’t work)
– Connect B and H to one of the wires on the back of the pigtail
– Connect J, L and M to the other wire on the back of the pigtail


Eventually I would like to connect the lights to the keyed ignition so that all the light come on when the key is on, just for the ease of use.


  1. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you sharing this information! You’ve saved me countless hours of trial and error (mostly error…)… Thank you sir!


  2. Hi, Eric. Thanks for the help with the light switch. Could you please elaborate further; how did you actually preform the wire splices/ jumps ? Did you leave the connecter in place or do a splice? How did you actually install the jumper wires? Thanks much for your time an your videos, RW


    1. I cut the plug and then butt spliced the wired because at the time I hadn’t taken off the whole dash. When I finally took off the entire dash I forgot to solder and heat shrink the wires…. next time around 🙂


  3. Eric, as always great posts.
    Did you replace the Mil Spec switch with a civi switch? That’s the direction I want to go.


  4. old thread.. sorry for re-hash…. with this setup… does any of these the lights that come on instant to power button…. or do any of them wait till the engine is turned over and oil pressure builds?


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